I see you, my sweet anxious friend.

You’re yelling at yourself inside, physically exhausted outside. Your panic rises as the clock ticks away and your day seems to run away from you.

You look around you and it seems like everyone else checks off their To Do lists confidently and at 25x your speed. Sometimes just doing your laundry feels like a monumental achievement, let alone anything else on your list. You have the desire to try ____ or pursue ____ or take up ____, but you get overwhelmed by all of the above. You’re not sure what your next step should be, so you take no steps at all. You’d rather curl up in a blanket burrito, shut your eyes, and forget about it. It's easier that way.

Two bicycles with baskets chained to the fence of promenade in Southwold, UK

Except... Something in you yearns for that creative spark.

To run free on the beach of your mind, hunting for treasures in the sand, soaking up the sun and feeling the warm refreshing waves wash over your toes. You dream of feeling valid, legitimate, energized, confident, and supported by a community of fearless and encouraging friends. Guess what? You don't have to wait for a call from Beyonce to practice, enjoy, and share YOU and your creative callings. In fact, you can actually find a way to the other side of that fence if you learn to work with yourself exactly as you are.

Hi, I’m Katie, and it’s my mission to help anxious creative souls practice with joy and encouragement, because I believe creativity is not “one size fits all”. You deserve to be nurtured in a way that's authentic to you and exactly where you are in your life.

I’ve been a creative boss since birth (so say many sources--aka my parents). Recently, my ultra-creative but wildly self-doubting mother passed away after her 2nd battle with breast cancer. The pain was nothing like I’d ever experienced, and to cope, I vowed to live and create in her honor as a way to keep her close to my heart. I think of her daily, and I cry for the child inside her who felt discouraged from staying in choir, taking up dance, believing her ideas and dreams were valuable. That was told making her soul sing was silly or a waste of time. That felt embarrassed or unworthy when all she wanted to do was sing and dance with joy and abandon. She always encouraged me, was my biggest fan in all that I did, and told me she marveled at my confidence (which I have because of her)--and now I will do the same for you.

Katie Meyers Calming Creative

The Treasures I've Gathered Along The Way

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  • I’m always curious and seek new ways of looking at things, distilled to the essentials and the best most effective paths I’ve discovered along the way. I will guide you to the best resources available to me. No garbage or filler. I want to help you work through or avoid the traps and pitfalls I’ve encountered, like deciding you can’t (you can learn), thinking you need to buy ALL the online classes (you don’t), or believing you don’t know anything (you DO).
  • I offer a safe space to try these new things. We are in the trenches together figuring out or doing the thing! You are never alone.
  • I have a BA in Musical Theater, and worked as a Director, Casting Assistant, On-Set Coordinator, Producer, Performer, and Teacher. I can offer 20+ years of wisdom based on live performing (yes, we’re taking it back to the 3rd grade Christmas pageant), producing indie film and live theatre, what I’ve seen others do that just doesn’t work (take instant gratification out of your vocabs, friends), how to genuinely connect with your people, and how to share your work when you’re ready.
  • I’m a Caretaker. I love taking care of the people I love.
  • I have depression/anxiety. I’ve made it this far while tackling horrible anxiety/depression and navigating tough self-care landscapes like stressful jobs (insane holiday retail, demanding customer service, working with *different* personalities) and taking care of my mother during the end of her life. I can help you in dealing with people who don’t understand, difficult situations, seeking a therapist (the best thing I’ve ever done for myself) and super mean and stifling self-criticism.
  • I love learning new things. My endless thirst for continued learning and improvement guides me forward daily.
  • I am a Hufflepuff with a Chow Dog Patronus. I’ve got the best snacks, a super cozy Common room, and I’m loyal, protective, and (dare I say) adorable.
  • I am a Treasure Hunter with an eye for detail, curiosity, humor, a listening ear, and the ability to connect empathetically, find your innate talents, strengths, and life’s beautiful details. I stand in your shoes, ready to tackle your unique blocks and frustrations with you, and have fun/laugh/cry together while we do it!
  • I have so many wonderful colleagues and friends of all artsy types: teachers, tour guides, actors, singers, artists, designers, storytellers, musicians, branding experts, lifestyle bloggers--all at my fingertips. Their wisdom is our wisdom.

Let's Get You Started!

Action Plan With Me

Not sure where to start? Stuck searching for the answer and feel like throwing in the towel? Need someone who will encourage you to go for it and help you find your treasure?

If so, let's grab two cinnamon dolce lattes, find some purring cats to keep us company, and create an action plan together!